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A dermoid cyst will not shrink or go away with hormone therapy. Surgery is the only way to remove it for a definitive diagnosis. Most times now, surgery is done by laparoscopic keyhole surgery. In some cases, dermoid cyst can be removed with Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery.

Dr Lynn Chiam answered:

An effective laser for deep pitted acne scars is the mixtol laser.

It will also help with minimising pore size.

By definition, having ceased menstruation for the last two years, you have already transition into your postmenopausal years. The symptoms you have described (i.e. flushes and excessive perspiration) are commonly experienced by peri-menopausal women. I suggests that you consult a gynaecologist to confirm that there is no other cause for your symptoms, then have a good discussion on the pros and cons of hormonal supplementation before commencing on any medication. Your symptoms may last for some months to years and they may significantly hindrance your daily life routines. You do not need to bear with them until they "run dry". Your good gynaecologist will propose several options to help you manage the menopause. 

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