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Questions Answered
Cara merawat ginjal pasca operasi batu ginjal dan bagaimana supaya tidak terjadi batu lagi setelah 2 bln yg lalu diangkat lewat bedah. terima kasih

Kalau ada batu di ginjal dan selalu sakit , perlu pembedahan

I’m age 22. what mediine can i use for gastric pain?

various type in the market, may try gaviscon

treatment for enlarged thyroid

It depends on blood tests for hormone, maybe medication or surgery

What are the early signs or symptoms of diabetics ?

Early signs may include frequent urination and thirst, best to do blood test

My husband age 66 is diagnosed with liver cirrhossis and he is on Baraclude 0.5mg. Will he need to take this medicine for life or he can stop once his liver is back to normal?

This will be a life long medication

My father has been diagnosed with liver dysfunction and our family has consulted with a homeopathist. He has been consuming the meds for the past 4 days but the illness still seems severe (face, hands and legs are swollen). Previously he was admitted in the hospital for almost 2 months under the diagnose of kidney stone. His legs were also swollen back then. Any suggestions? Note: He has replaced his consumption of hospital's meds with the homeopathist's

If your father has liver failure, you need to know the cause of failure. Its best to consult a hepatologist