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I am 40 and told via ultrasound I have 2 1.5cm gallstones. These do not caused pain but at times full feeling and dreamy rest. Is there a need to remove gallbladder instead of gallstones (which can be recurring). Thank you

Gallstones is a common problem, affecting approximately 10% of the general public

Fortunately, gallstones hardly cause problems and about 90% of patients with gallstones never experience problems or complications in their lifetime

Gallstones can cause clinical problems like pain, yellowing in the eyes, infection of the gallbladder or bile duct, pancreatitis, and rarely, gallbladder cancer

Patients with gallstones should consult a gastroenterologist for a detailed consult to discuss if the gallstones could be safely left alone, or be removed surgically

Bulan November 2012 lalu saluran empedu saya tersumbat dan akhirnya saya pasang stent.Bulan Januari 2015 sy merasa lemas dan badan agak kuning,sy tes ke lab ternyata sgot sgpt gamma fostase alkali naik sangat tinggi,setelah di usg ternyata stent yg 2 tahun lalu tersumbat lagi.Beberapa bulan belakangan sering sakit perut atas bagian kanan,badan terasa pegal dan perut kembung ..tapi tidak rutin terjadinya.Sebaiknya tindakan medis apa yang harus dilakukan?

Stent dimasukkan karena berbagai alasan untuk menghilangkan penyumbatan saluran empedu

Kami biasanya mengambil stent beberapa bulan setelah prosedur awal

Membiarkan biliary stent terpasang berisiko infeksi dan penyumbatan

Sepertinya pasien memiliki masalah dengan penyumbatan dan mungkin bahkan mengalami infeksi

Saya sarankan pasien berkonsultasi sesegera mungkin untuk mengevaluasi apakah stent perlu diambil atau diganti

Infeksi dapat timbul dari penyumbatan stent jadi saya sangat menyarankan pasien untuk mencari bantuan     medis sesegera mungkin.


Hi I am currently having problems with my digestive system, I have watery yellowish diarrhea but i feel no stomach ache, is this a serious problem?

Diarrhoea is defined by stool consistency, and frequency

Passing watery stools frequency mean diarrhoea

I suggest the person consult a doctor

Recently I have bloated stomach and burping. When for endoscopy and scope and liver and gall bladder scanning. Everything ok. what medicine can help to cure this problem

It is always a challenge to give specific advice to patients without seeing all the results and speaking and examining the patients

It is always better for the viewer to return to his/her doctor and enquire why he/she is not better

Alternatively, the patient can also seek second opinion from another specialist


For the last 10 days I have had acid retention in my stomach causing pain in my chest. I went to the Doctor who gave me gastric pills and antibiotics. Coupled with my symptoms my water is dark brown (it started off as orange). My gastric symptoms seem to have abated mostly but my water is still dark brown after taking the antibiotics.I would be grateful if you could give me some advise. Thank you.

I am very concerned about this patient

Passing dark brown urine, plus upper abdominal pain, may means having stones in the bile duct, which can be serious

I suggest the patient to consult a gastroenterologist as soon as possible 

Hi Doc, my boyfriend hasn't been very well recently and we're not sure what's up. This whole thing started with him having diarrhea a couple of weeks back, followed by a fever a week later, and then the flu. And now, he has discovered blood in his stool over the past 3 days. He's also been having headaches and is extremely lethargic lately (despite sleeping a lot). His appetite has also decreased quite a bit. He was referred to a specialist yesterday. I'm worried. What could be wrong with him?


Feeling lethargy is a non-specific symptom, which may sometimes mean something serious.

Passing bloody in stool can be due to serious digestive problem.

I suggest this patient to see a gastroenterologist as soon as possible.